Leather New Foam

Leather Cleaner 7oz
Mfr Farnam

Nevr-Dull Magic Wadding Polish

Time saving wadding cloth saturated with a very effective polish.
Does an exceptional job on all metals.

Price $9.50
Small Black Leather Harness Keepers

for Driving Headstall or Harness.
1/2 half inch
$3.00 each
Black Leather Over Check

Chrome or Brass Hardware

Miniature Replacement Driving Headstall

All leather headstall with brass accents in an over check style. Patent leather blinkers, Brass Conchos. Over-check style.


Miniature Nylon Replacement Harness Bridle

Bridle is available in (Black Nylon) over check style.

Price is $43.78
Harness Trace Extenders

12 inches long, made of black leather with brass snaps on one end.
Price is $25.00 a pair
Miniature Black Leather Replacement Crupper

Made of durable leather, completely adjustable crupper keeps harness saddle from sliding forward.
Black Leather only

Price $37.99
Number Magnet Holders

Set of 4 magnets add some bling to your outfit.
Clear or Black

Price $20.88 for a set of 4
bling concho number holder clips.

They are $25.00 each and the clip is 5 in long also available in large 8 in clip.

This first three colors are Lavender/Silver
sapphire blue/clear heart
clear crystal heart
lavender /purple crystal heart
Brown garnet on gold
pink crystals on gold
sapphire blue on gold
black/smokey grey on silver
amethyst/silver/brass spots
amethyst/clear on silver
light blue / clear on silver
champagne / clear on silver
teal / clear on silver
frontier_mini_tack_and_supplies001026.jpg frontier_mini_tack_and_supplies001001.jpg frontier_mini_tack_and_supplies001025.jpg frontier_mini_tack_and_supplies001023.jpg frontier_mini_tack_and_supplies001006.jpg frontier_mini_tack_and_supplies001003.jpg frontier_mini_tack_and_supplies001004.jpg frontier_mini_tack_and_supplies001022.jpg frontier_mini_tack_and_supplies001021.jpg frontier_mini_tack_and_supplies001019.jpg frontier_mini_tack_and_supplies001002.jpg frontier_mini_tack_and_supplies001015.jpg fmt_button_browbands.png fmt_button_conchos.png fmt_button_pleasurf_harness.png fmt_button_country_pleasure.png fmt_button_western_country_pleasure.png fmt_button_cde_harness.png
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